Dolly is everywhere!

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  1. Dolly,
    I was very interested in your interview with West Suburban Living when you mentioned that you went through some really, really tough times, and (more importantly) needed, and got, some help. A lot of people in your situation wouldn’t have had the strength to be so honest. I think that makes your story very compelling. You said that you don’t talk about it much, but I would love to write a column that does talk about that. I often think people assume that anyone in your position (TV gigs, radio show, called upon to emcee) has an easy life. I think a more-complete picture of your life could help a lot of people understand that things aren’t always so simple. You can reach me at 847 427-4562 or at Thank you. Sincerely, Burt Constable

  2. Temperance says:

    Some of the papers tacked to the cork board in her kitchen reveal Dolly McCarthy’s outlook on life.

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